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Checkout for purchases will be temporarily unavailable to allow for routine sever maintenance. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your understanding.

Global eSIM

"Best eSIM for International Travel "

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The SHOREACCESS WiFi App is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.


AIS SIM2fly Non-Expiry Top-up voucher is now availble!!


Introducing SHOREACCESS Global eSIM Solution, providing an extensive range of options for travelers and seafarers across over 200 destinations 


The 5ber SIM Card Adapter enables you to enjoy the advantages of eSIM technology, even if your phone does not have eSIM support.


Same day

Delivery (Metro Manila area)

Free Shipping for WiFI/CPE 

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  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • AIS Sim2fly coverage
    AIS SIM2FLY COVERAGE UPDATE : FROM 01 FEB 2020 FOR ASIA/AUSTRALIA and other countries ( 25 Countries) 1.Australia 2. Bangladesh 3. Brunei 4. Cambodia 5. China 6. Hong Kong 7. India 8. Indonesia 9. Israel 10. Japan 11. Kazakhstan 12. Laos 13. Macau 14. Malaysia 15. Myanmar 16. Nepal 17. Pakistan 18. Philippines 19. Qatar 20. Singapore 21. South Korea 22. Sri Lank 23. Taiwan 24. Thailand 25. Vietnam FOR GLOBAL COVERAGE ( + 104 COUNTRIES) 1. Aland Islands 2. Albania 3. Argentina 4. Armenia 5. Australia 6. Austria 7. Azerbaijan 8. Bangladesh 9.Belarus 10. Belgium 11. Brunei 12. Bulgaria 13 Cambodia 14. Canada 15. Chile 16. China 17. Colombia 18. Croatia 19. Czech Republic20. Denmark21. Egypt 22. El Salvador 23. England 24. Estonia 25. Faroe Islands 26. Fiji 27. Finland 28. France 29. Germany 30. Ghana 31. Greece 32. Guam 33. Honduras 43. Hong Kong 35. Hungary 36. Iceland 37. India 38. Indonesia 39. Ireland 40. Israel 41. Italy 42. Japan 43. Kazakhstan 44. Kuwait 45. Kyrgyzstan 6. Laos 47. Latvia 48. Liechtenstein 49. Lithuania 50. Luxembourg 51. Macau 52. Macedonia 53. Malaysia 54. Malta 55. Mexico 56. Montenegro 57. Myanmar 58.Nepal 59. Netherlands 60. New Zealand 61. Nigeria 62. Northern Cyprus 64. Northern Ireland 64. Norway 65. Oman 66. Pakistan 67. Papua New Guinea 68. Paraguay 69 .Peru 70. Philippines 71. Poland 72. Portugal 73. Puerto Rico 74. Qatar 75. Romania 76. Russia 77. San Marino 78. Saudi Arabia 79. Scotland 80. Serbia 81. Singapore 82. Slovak Republic 83. Slovenia 84. South Africa85. South Korea 86. Spain 87.Sri Lanka 88. Svalbard and Jan Mayen 89. Sweden 90. Switzerland 91. Taiwan 92. Thailand 93. Tonga 94. Turkey 95. UAE 96. Uganda 97. Ukraine 98. United States of America 99. Uruguay 100. Uzbekistan 101. Vantican City 102. Vietnam 103. Virgin 104. Islands Wales
  • What is the available Top-up pacakge
    We offering the following Top-up: ASIA/Australia including +25 Countries including Thailand Option A: PHP 300 = 1GB 2-days Option B: PHP 600 = 4GB 8-days Option C: PHP 750 = 6GB 10-days Option C1: PHP 900 =7GB 10-days GLOBAL COVERAGE: + 104 Countries including Thailand Option C2: PHP 600 = 1GB 3-days Option D : PHP 1,550 = 4GB 15-days Option D1: PHP1,650 = 6GB 15-days Option D2: PHP1,900 = 7GB 15-days Option E : PHP 5,400 = 15GB for 1 Year Option E1: PHP 10,400 = 30GB for 1 Year Option E2: PHP 15,300 = 45GB for 1 Year
  • My SIM is only Asia/Australia coverage , can I topup a global package?"
    Yes, any valid AIS Sim2fly is available to top-up for in any package. example, while in Japan you purchase Asia/Australia coverage then your next destination is United State of America (USA) just purchase any global coverage package then next time you can still load Asia/Australi coverage.
  • What can I do if I top-up the wrong number or defective SIM but Active?
    We understand that mistakes can sometimes happen during the top-up process and our team always does what it can to rectify such issues. When it comes to wrong number top-ups or the SIM is defective but ACTIVE, our options are very limited. As soon as a transaction is completed, credit is applied by the operator to the listed number, which means we cannot retrieve the credit amount. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to reverse top-ups, or refund credit that was sent to a wrong number or defective SIM .
  • How to Top-up ( by family or friends) while Seafarear's is on board?
    SHOREACCESS can TOPUP any valid AIS SIM2FLY with any package regardless if your SIM Card is purchased to a different seller. SHOREACCESS TOPUP service is available in our FB 24/7 365 days. TOP-UP PROCEDURE 1. Please provide the SIM Card mobile number (10 digits) (To verify the SIM card number please dial *545# then call). 2. Send the proof of payment (copy of receipt) in our FB messenger. Note: Family or friends or crew can transact with us by sending the mobile number and proof of payment. 3. Upon receiving your payment we will process the TOPUP direct to the Seafarer SIM card and will send the TOPUP transaction receipt to FB messenger. For manual TOPUP the SIM will receive an SMS notification. Note: For automatic TOPUP, you will not receive any notification, but you can verify the TOPUP package by the dial to check your remaining data allowance: Please dial *111*6# then call. 4. For manual activation – we will provide the corresponding activation dial code, please dial the code to activate or start the package. 5. You will receive another notification once the dialing code is activated successfully stating the details of the activated package and package validity.
  • How to top-up now and pay later system
    SHOREACCESS payment later TOPUP system latest policy as follows: Shoreaccess acknowledges the importance of communication for crew onboard. We offer Top-up now and pay later. Please choose from the following method of payment. A) For Vessel calling in Japan Ports: ShoreAccess head office in Japan is managing our clients visiting in Japan Ports, with our connection to local ship agents in any ports in Japan we will provide you the instruction by ship email or crew personal email on how to remit your payment. B) Another payment method We provide a 30-credit to every ship it means you can request a top-up in advance and pay within 30 days with the following option. Credit Card/debit card Bank remittance through your manning agencies or your representative. For Vessel with a disembarking crew, you can send the payment to any of the repatriating crew and delivery the payment in our office or remit to our designated bank.
  • Can you deliver  the SIM cardin Japan and other countries.
    How to Order SIM Cards in Japan? Our Head office in Japan managing all orders for Japan clients especailly for Vessel calling in any Ports in Japan. Please follow the following procedure: Send your SIM Order request by E-mail to and We need an official transaction VIA email for delivery in Japan and other countries. SIM Card delivery charge is $10.00; this includes a return envelope ( LETTER PACK) for mailing your payment. The delivery charge is FREE for the order of more than 10 Pcs. Of SIM Cards. We can send the SIM Cards in a document business envelope size folder. Please advise full agent details, including ZIP Code and telephone number Advise Vessel latest ETA/ETB/ETD, send us your itinerary in next Port in case delivery in first port is not possible. Provide your schedule in advance for the timely delivery. We apologizse the duet to COVID-19 our shipping to other countries is termpoarily suspended.
  • Is it possible to deliver to our manning agency and pay by disembarking crew.
    As our support to crew on board, We can deliver the SIM card through your manning agency, joining crew can hand carry the SIM then disembarking crew can remit the payment or deliver to our office. Please provide agency complete address, contact person and Telephone number Advise date of embarkation. Number of SIM card and type of package We will deliver the SIM to your agency with FREE! delivery charge. For Security protection, the SIM is NOT Active. please send us an email with the SIM Card number once you received the SIM. Please advise the SIM you want to use immediately. We can activate the SIM as we receive your email notification. For payment, please send it to the disembarking crew. You can pay in cash or remit to our bank account. For USD, please remit to our USD account. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. or chat to our FB messenger: Address: United Nations Avenue, 12/F Times Plaza Building ROOM 1243, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila, Philippines. Office Hours: 6:30- 5:30 PM Monday to Sunday (Open daily) Mobile: 0916-773-1572/ 0933-8627632 / 0956-301-4876 Landline: +63-2-790-4145 / 790-4112 / 7904113
  • My AIS SIM is expired ? can I topup again?
    Ans: NO, expired SIM Card cannot be used again. We recommend you to keep your SIM valid by adding enough TOPUP for future use.
  • What is 3UK SIM Card.
    3UK Pay As You Go ( All-in-One and Three MBB) SIM Card is a multi-country SIM card which is aimed to provide worldwide data service which can be used in 71 countries worldwide and a UK phone number for voice calling. All the data usage from the package can be shared through all the supported countries.
  • Activating 3UK SIM
    Once you’ve made sure your phone is compatible, follow these steps to activate your SIM: Insert your SIM into your phone and switch it on. You may have a new Trio SIM or a regular single SIM. Please see the link below for more details. 3UK will text you to let you know when started activating your SIM. Make sure you keep your phone switched on while we connect you to the Three network. This should only take about 30 minutes but during busy periods it may take longer. 3UK will send you a second text telling you to turn your phone off and on again. Your SIM will be activated when you restart your phone. This will confirm with another text. Please remember that if your phone is 2G or hasn’t been unlocked then we won’t be able to help you. You’ll need to visit your phone manufacturer's website. Trio SIM.
  • Coverage
    3UK Go Roaming + 71 Countries. Aland Islands, Australia, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), United State of America, Uruguay, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vatican City, Vietnam
  • Difference between 3UK All-In-One and ThreeMBB
    3UK SIM Pay As You Go offers two different types of SIM. one is All-In-one and ThreeMBB ( Mobile broadband. SIM card validity and Top-up is the main difference for both SIM card. a) All-in-One SIM this SIM is valid only for 30 days with call/text and data and can only be used in smartphones. Top-up /Add-on package for All-in-One SIM is more affordable comparing with ThreeMBB SIM. b) 3UK internet with legs (ThreeMBB) is 3UK Pay As You Go designed for Mobile broadband but can also be used in the smartphone Shoreaccess offers two types of ThereeMBB SIM. 1)12GB for 12months ( 1 year) 2) 24 GB for 24 GB for 24 months (2 years). Top-up/Add-on for ThreeMBB is more expensive comparing with All-In-One. Available Top-up/Add-on is only valid for 30days.
  • Top-up/Add-on vailable  package
    For All-In-One Type of SIM. Option 1: $14.00 or Php 750 = 4GB 30days Option 2: $22.00 or Php 1,190 = 10GB 30days Option 3 :$30.00 or Php 1,620 = 12GB 30 days FOR 3UK TheeMBB SIM Card Type of SIM: 12GB 1 Year and 24GB 2 Years OPTION A: 1 GB 30-days: (£10): $14.00 or Php 750: OPTION B : 3GB 30-days: (£15) $22.00 or PHP 1,190 OPTION C : 7GB 30-days: :(£30) $44.00 or PHP 2,350 (Note: The Add-on voucher for 7GB 30 days require £25.00 voucher but here is no available TOPUP to this value. Therefore, you need to purchase a £30 to avail this OPTION. Remaining £5.00 will remain in your account after converted to add on)
  • How to covert Top-up in to Add-on package
    3UK Top-up is a 16 digits Voucher PIN Number equivalent to the amount paid. This top-up value needs to convert into an add-on package. Shoreaccess can convert your Top-up into an add-on package upon request. The VOUCHER number can also process by 3UK users in the following method. Method 1 - By calling 3UK technical support from your 3UK number Dial 444 from your Three mobile to activate it Enter the correct 16-digit code Next, try activating the top-up again. If it still doesn't work call us on 333 (free from your Three mobile) or 0333 338 1001 (standard rates apply) (5p per minute from a BT landline, other networks may vary). If you're trying to top-up using a registered card either by calling 444 or using My3 check the following: Method 2 – By login to your 3UK account. Method 3- Process VIA Mobile apps ( Android and iPhone) LINK TO DOWNLOAD VIA GOOGLE PLAY LINK TO DOWNLOAD VIA APPLE STORE:
  • How is top-up and Add-on works.
    Top-up direct to your phone or through 16 digits voucher number normally don’t expire. But using the amount connecting to internet without converting to Add-on package has lesser Data plan. The following is basic charges without converting to add-on Call 3p a minute Text 2p per SMS DATA 1p for 1MB As an example, £10.00 top-up is equivalent to 1GB only if you directly use the package without converting into Add-on. While £10.00 Promo Add-on package is 4GB for 30 days. Add-ons are an enhanced version of PAY AS YOU GO TOP-UP designed to offer better value for your money. Instead of simply using your credit to pay for usage you get a bundle of minutes, texts and data to use within 30 days.
  • How to verify my 3UK SIM if All-in-One or ThreMBB
    HOW TO VERIFY IF MY SIM CARD IS ALL-IN-ONE or THREEMBB (3MBB) You can verify your 3UK SIM Card type by following below procedure. a) All-in-One SIM is the SIM card with valid for 30 days when you originally purchased the SIM card or Blank SIM Card. Top-up/Add-on package for this type of SIM is more cheaper comparing with Three MBB SIM Card. Double Top-uo promo is applicable in this SIM. b) ThreeMBB ( Mobile Broadband ) SIM is the SIM Card with long expiry date from original purchased as example the 12GB 12 months and 24GB 24 Months SIM. This SIM is NOT recommended to Top-up and it is more cheaper to purchase a NEW SIM than to Top-up, however , you have an option to Top-upthis SIM. We recommend you to VERIFY your SIM Card whether it is All-in-One or 3MBB SIM by your self by following this Steps. Click this web link or copy this and paste to web browser: ENTER your 3UK SIM Mobile number ( 11 Digits)
  • What products available in ShoreAccess Japan
    ShoreAccess can delivery any of the following products anywhere in Japan. - AIS SIM Cards - 3UK SIM Cards - Pocket WIFI - Rental of Postpaid Plan - Gadgets and various electronics available in Japan
  • How to order while our Vessel is in Japan?
    Shoreaccess can deliver almost in any Ports in Japan, Our logistics team are coordinating to local ships agent and custom for smooth delivery of parcel on board. Our long years of service for Vessel calling in Japan ports for many years, our service is acknowledged and widely popular to ships crew. For the SIM Card order, please follow the following procedure. - Master or crew in charge should send the order request by email at and - Please submit the purchase order form containing a list of individual crew orders, agent details, ETA/ETB/ETD. The purchase order form will send to you by email. - Please send this form in advance for the timely delivery. Shipping in Japan is very reliable it takes 1 to 2 days depending on ports. - We have a very convenient payment system in Japan, payment instructions will send to you by email. - The delivery charge is FREE for the order of more than 10 Pcs. Of SIM Cards. Please contact us by email or call our representative in the following number.
  • What is CPE 4G/LT Router for Seafarers?
    CPE 4GLTE is a wireless router with 4G/LTE modules for 4G network equipped with Cloud SIM Technology, which supports auto-selection and smart connect to the optimal network-signal in 140 Countries without physical SIM Card. It supports up to 32 Devices, including Telephone, Laptop, Tablet, Wi-Fi Camera. SHOREACCESS data services provide the most affordable Data for Seafarers with special packages for vessel regular trading routes such as Japan, Australia, China, and others. Having the device allows you to easily connect to the internet by purchasing the Data plan you need during your stay in Ports. You don't need to look for any local or roaming SIM Card. Cloud SIM has no expiry, and it will automatically activate when you purchase a Data package. With the available network in Ports and a very affordable Data package, onboard, the crew can enjoy communication with family, watching videos, or playing games. Shipping management can also provide this unit to Master and Crew as part of crew welfare on board. It can also utilize a backup communication while the Vessel is in Port.
  • CPE Router Specification?
    Device: CPE 4GROUTER Connect up to 32 device Special DATA package Seamless coverage to +140 Countries 2.4G + 5G dual-band WIFI 6 Booster Antennas 4 Core CPU Amplifier 6 Booster Antenna 4G LTE transfer to a wired network PRODUCT Specification: Basic Specification: Dimension: 120 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 186 mm (H) Operation environment: Operating Temperature: Normal 0℃ to+55℃Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 75℃Operating Humidity:10% to 90% Storage Humidity:10% to 90% Power Supply: DC12V/1A Technical specs: Chip: MT7612E, MT7628AN RAM: 64MB ROM: 8MB Working Frequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz Protocol Standard: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Speed: 2.4GHz 300Mbps, 5GHz 866Mbps Network Type: LTE&WCDMA&GSM Mode/Band: LTE-FDD Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/12/13/17/18/19/20/26/28 LTE-TDD Band 34/38/39/40/41 WCDMA:B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 GSM EDGE 850/900/1800 /1900 Antenna: 2 x 4G antennas, 2 x 2.4G antennas, 2 x 5G antennas Port: 1 power port, 3 Ethernet ports (RJ45 10/100Mbps), Indicator LED: System, 2.4G Wi-Fi, 5G Wi-Fi, 4G , battery
  • Features and advantage
    No Contract No Monthly Fee – Jus pay for the DATA package that you need. No Need of local SIM -Embed with advance high-tech cloud SIM that works globally without expiration. Affordable Data package – With maximum speed per Data Plan, you can enjoy connecting to your family or friend in a video call or playing popular video games. Cloud SIM No expiration - It will automatically activate by purchase the package on your next travel Unlimited Data Plan for the Philippines Coverage + 140 Countries Special Data package for Seafarers
  • While on board  how to order and cost of shipping?
    Delivery and shipping cost: For Seafarer · We can deliver to any Ports in any major Ports in Japan - Shipping cost in Japan is $15.00 per shipping. It means the same amount applies for orders of more than 1 unit. · For China, Taiwan, and Hongkong – We can ship from Shore-Access Hongkong, and the delivery charge is fixed by $10.00 per unit. · Shoreaccess Manila can deliver manning agency then Joining crew will carry the unit to Vessel. The payment can handover to the disembarking crew to remit in our account or pay in cash in our office. Please provide your manning agent full address, person in charge, crew replacement schedule. Please notify your agency about the incoming parcel. DELIVERY IS FREE from Shoreaccess Manila Office to any shipping agency in the Philippines. Delivery process: Please submit the Purchase Order form in advance with Vessel ETA/ETB/ETD and full agent details. Notify your right agent about the incoming parcel, and some agents might refuse to accept any package without notice from the Master or crew. Delivery time is about two working days; we usually ship the parcel to arrive in agent office at least one day before the Vessel berthing schedule. Please send your fix Vessel itinerary in advance. Payment Method: Please choose from most various payment options, such as persona bank remittance, Credit Card or PayPal, Express Padala (Palawan, Cebuana, Western Union, ) Gcash or Paymaya. Master can also remit by special remittance from the manning agency. In our effort to provide an internet connection to crew on arrival in Ports, we can process crew top-up requests in advance and pay within 30 days.
  • Explain about 90 Days Top-up validity
    About 90 days validity. 10GB/20GB and 50GB Data package is within 90 days of validity time. The remaining Data will not disappear when the user. When users return to to the same location ( Country), the system will automatically switch to the local package. The following is a scenario for a ship voyage from Japan South Korea, China, and Australia. Japan First Port – First activation with 10GB 90 days. ARRIVAL DATE: 15 August 2020 //DEPARTURE DATE: 20 August 2020 The new unit activates on 15 August with FREE 10 GB in Japan. The 10GB load will expire on 14 November 2020. In case you used up 5G during this period, you can still use the remaining 5GB on next all to Japan before 14 November 2020. Second Port – South Korea: ( Vessel sailed from Japan ) ARRIVAL DATE: 22 August 2020 // DEPARTURE: 24 August 2020 Purchased package: 10GB for South Korea activate on 22 August 2020. This package will expire on 21 November 2020. If users used only 3GB is DATA during the stay in South Korea, The remaining 7GB will automatically activate on Vessel next call to South Korea before 21 November 2020. Third Port – China (Mainland) - ARRIVAL DATE: 26 August 2020 // DEPARTURE 31 August 2020 Purchased package 10GB for China coverage and activate on 26 August 2020. If consumed only 4GB during the stay in China Ports, the remaining 6GB will automatically activate when Vessel return to China before 25 November 2020 Forth Port – Australia ARRIVAL DATE: 15 September 2020 // DEPARTURE 20 September 2020 Purchased package 10GB for Australia coverage on 15 September 2020. If consumed 7GB during the stay in Australian Port, the remaining 3GB will automatically activate on Vessel return to Australia before 14 December 2020 DATA BALANCE SUMMARY: ( After the departure in Australian Port) Japan: 5GB will expire on 14 November South Korea: 7GB will expire on 21 November China ( Mainland): 6GB will expire on 25 November 2020 Australia: 3G will expire on 14 December 2020 To check the Data remaining. Please send the request by email, and you can check your account by log-in to our website.
  • Is it possible to purachase a Top-up in advance?
    Yes, users can purchase a Data package in advance but need to activate within 30 days. The Top-up will automatically activate when the device connects to an available network. Please note the 90 days validity will start from the activation date.
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