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AIS SIM2Fly USA, Australia, Asia 30GB 20 days


AIS SIM2Fly USA, Australia, Asia 30GB 20 days

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Manual Payment (PHP)


USA / AUSTALIA ASIA 30GB DATA Pack valid for 20 days.

Coverage :

1. Australia, 2. Brunei,  3. Cambodia, 4.  Canada,  5. China (including Tibet), 6 Dubai ( UAE), 7.  Hawaii ( USA),  8 Hong Kong, 9. India,  10. Indonesia,  11. Japan, 12. Laos, 13. Malaysia,  14. Myanmar, 15. Nepal, 16. New Zealand, 17. Philippines, 18. Qatar,  19. Singapore,  20. South Korea,  21.  Sri Lanka, 22. Taiwan, 23. Tibet ( China), 24 U.S Virgin Islands, 25. UAE ( Including Dubai),  26 USA ( including Hawaii), 27 Vietnam


The package period starts from the date and time when the package becomes effective and terminates on the last day of the package, calculated on the 24-hour basis of Thailand’s local time.

Please dial the activation code prior to connect to internet. NOTE: DO NOT CONNECT Unless the code is dialled successfully.


The package normally becomes effective right away on activation Date/Time ( Upon dialling the activation Code)


The package applied can be used during the period stipulated in the confirmation SMS received from AIS


Users will be required to switch their device off and on after they have received a package confirmation SMS.


Once applied, no package can be cancelled.


In case the max speed data roaming allowance is used up prior to the package termination date and the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps maximum, a new package can be purchased instantly even before the package termination date for a seamless max speed internet experience.


The internet services on the networks of foreign operators are based on their EDGE/3G/4G/5G technology which is employed to facilitate service users. There can be some service limitations in particular locations and time. The speed of EDGE/3G/4G/5G services may vary according to the service area, number of users, connecting device and device settings. Each access to the service may not feature a maximum continuous speed and the connecting device that moves from place to place during the service use may temporarily affect data transmission and result in the switching of data transmission technology. Users are therefore suggested to check out service information carefully.


The service provider reserves the right to change the promotion, and terms and conditions without prior notice. The service user shall be deemed to have acknowledged any change announced on this website


AIS SIM2Fly USA, Australia, Asia 30GB 20 days

  • AIS SIM2FLY SIM cad is the most reliable roaming DATA Sim card for Seafarers and travelers. The SIM can be used over and over again for just top-up with several packages to choose from. Any AIS SIM2fly SIM is eligible to TOPUP either Asia/Australia coverage of global coverage.

    Shoreaccess supports ship’s crew while onboard by providing an advance top-up before vessel arrival in port or we can coordinate with your family and friends to Top-up your SIM. Please contact us in our FB:

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