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CPE Unlimited Service March 2021

To: our valued clients in the Philippines:

Kindly inform that SHOREACCESS still offers a 30-day UNLIMITED CPE 4G Router in the Philippines for Home or personal use only. Effective 01 March 2021, We no longer continue providing this product to customers using the service for rental purposes, such as the PISO WiFi system or similar Internet business, which generating heavy data traffic that triggers a disruption in our Data distribution management system.

Please do not purchase this device if you intend to use this for business purposes such as PISO WiFi or similar internet data sharing for earning. Using a device for such a purpose might cause a deactivation without notice.

The 30-days unlimited is still applicable to all current subscribers regardless of status until further notice.

Please contact our sales team before finalizing your order.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

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