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CPE Revised Unlimited Plan April 2021

To:  our valued CPE subscriber in the Philippines.


We deeply regret that effective 01 April 2021, our CPE Unlimited Data package for CPE Router in the Philippines has changed due to local network DATA policy. 


As part of our commitment to providing unlimited 30-days we are offering the following package:

PLAN A- Price PHP 2,100: 300GB Data 30-days: This package has the following speed limitation:

Below 100GB - unlimited speed

101GB -200GB -25Mbps max speed

201GB -300GB - 8Mbps max speed

300GB above - 256 kbps


PLAN B - Price PHP 3,900:  This package is Unlimited Data for 30-days but with a maximum speed of 16mbps.

The objective of CPE-Unlimited is to provide alternative Internet access at home or office use. Unfortunately, we noticed that some consumer's subscribers consumed more than 1,000 GB to 2,000 GB in 30-days for several months. This excessive usage caused an error in Data roaming distribution that creates a restriction in our network provider.


Again, we apologized for the inconvenience and appreciated your kind understanding.



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