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5ber eSIM Card


5ber eSIM Card

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5ber eSIM Card

The 5ber eSIM card, paired with the 5ber eSIM App, enables your smartphone or tablet to support eSIM functionality. This physical card serves as an adapter, making eSIM features accessible on devices that do not natively support eSIM.


5ber eSIM App

This intuitive app allows users to manage their eSIM profiles, purchase data plans from various providers worldwide, and seamlessly switch between them.



  • The optional 5ber eSIM card lets you benefit from eSIM technology even on non-eSIM compatible devices.
  • With 5ber, you can buy local data plans before traveling and stay connected as soon as you arrive.
  • 5ber allows you to store multiple data plans for different countries, making it easy to switch between them during your travels.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple SIM cards. Securely store and manage all your data plans within the 5ber app.


How to Use 5ber eSIM:

  • Insert the 5ber eSIM card.
  • Install the 5ber eSIM App.
  • Scan to download the eSIM profile.


We offer the most affordable and reliable eSIM data plans, covering over 200 countries with more than 300 options for your internet connection abroad. To purchase an eSIM data plan, click this link:


Product Description: 5ber eSIM Card

The 5ber eSIM card is a GSMA-compliant physical SIM card capable of storing up to 15 eSIM profiles simultaneously. It can be activated on Android devices. For iPhone users, the SIM must first be installed in an Android device for activation, after which it can be used interchangeably between devices without restrictions.


5ber Premium Version:

The premium version allows unlimited eSIM downloads, ensuring you never run out of options.


Device Compatibility:

Before purchasing, please verify that your device is compatible with the 5ber eSIM card. Manufacturers may use various components and firmware depending on region, operator, and other factors.


Purchase Instructions:

  • This card does not contain any eSIM profiles. Additional eSIM profiles can be purchased separately from Shoreaccess.
  • The Premium version allows unlimited eSIM downloads.
  • eSIM downloads must be purchased via the 5ber app. Insert your 5ber eSIM card to purchase more downloads for that card.
  • To use the 5ber eSIM card, you must register an account via email when placing an order to receive notifications.
  • Contact Shoreaccess Support to cancel your order. Orders cannot be canceled once shipped.
  • We deliver to any address in the Philippines and Japan.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your 5ber eSIM card, contact our Customer Support team within 14 days of delivery for assistance.
  • Ensure you have checked device compatibility before ordering.


App Usage Statement:

The 5ber eSIM App is a specialized application designed for 5ber cards. We offer professional consultation and services exclusively for 5ber users. Unauthorized use of the 5ber eSIM App by any company or enterprise is prohibited. We are not responsible for any damage to cards or devices resulting from non-compliance with these regulations.

5ber eSIM Card

Out of Stock
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