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SHOREACCESSS hotspot coupon is our latest innovative product for Seafarers on board. The Coupon login allows the crew to access the Wi-Fi with the coupon code through the shoreaccess splash page.


The Coupon coupon can use on one or more devices with a 30-days expiration date for a single country.


An external antenna strengthens 4G/LTE connection while in Ports, anchorage, drifting, or transiting in coastal areas.


What is the advantage of the Coupon system?

  • No Contract / No subscription fee

  • Data Management Via ships Coupon.

  • Available in 106 Countries

  • Any crew member on board can purchase the Coupon.

  • Crew representative in the Philippines can purchase the Coupon.

  • No monthly subscription fees.

  • DATA package is valid for 30-days (5GB, 10GB or 20GB)

  • With a single hotspot onboard (CPE + Hotspot Access Point) crew has the freedom to connect while within the network coverage.

  • Coupon auto/log


How much is the cost of the system?

The Price of the system is $ 250.00 (PHP 12,500) with the following equipment:

1. CPE 4G Router with Cloud SIM Card. (No Load)

2. Hotspot Access Point – Can connect more than 50 WIFI Devices.

3. Omnidirectional 18dBi Antenna with 15 meters cable


How to avail?


To Vessel in Japan calling in Japan – We can deliver to any Ports in Japan within 2-3 days working days. Please provide your agent details Vessel ETA/ETB and ETD. Please notify your agent of the incoming parcel. 

Delivery fee is $15.00 in any Ports, and please note that some agent requires an additional handling fee. We can shoulder 50% of such a charge.


For the Philippines, the system is available in our Manila Office with Free delivery charge to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Price is PHP 12,500.00


When is the coupon validity?


The Coupon is valid only for a single country and will expire in 30 days or when the DATA balance is still available. You need to purchase another coupon once it expires.


What are the available package and country coverage?


We offer 5GB, 10GB, or 20 GB Data package consumable within 30 days at Maximum speed.


Can I check my Data balance?

Yes, your data current balance will appear on your next login.


Can Master order a group of Coupons for each crew member? How to Order?

Please send an email to // and provide the following information:


1. List of Crew (Name and Rank)

2. DATA request (Example 5G 30 days)

3. CPE IMEI Number

4. Hotspot Access point ID number


Can I use the system in the middle of the ocean?


No, the system needs to connect to the local 4G roaming network. You can only use the device when there is a network provider in your area.


Can we still connect to CPE? or only in the Hotpot access point?


The CPE is modified as a Data server only; please use the Hotspot access point to view the web page to enter your coupon code.


Remarks: The cost of delivering CPE from the Vessel to our office is to be shoulder by the subscriber.

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